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Underground [Band Mixed Album]

Kamal a.k.a. Guitarman is also known as a band mixed album co-ordinator. His first work is 'Underground'. Released in 2006, it featured a great deal of UG bands and great hits like 'Utshober Utshahe', '35', 'Jani Na' etc.  This album also spawns a sequel in 2007.

[N.B. - The paperback album I have did not have Yaatri's 'Jonmechi Taai', but it was listed in the booklet. It may be a recording glitch. However 'Jonmechi Taai' was released in Tony Vincent Gomes' compilation 'Shopnochura 3']

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Track List

01. Aurthohin - Protirup
02. Artcell - Utshober Utshahe
03. Black - 35
04. The Watson Brothers - Jani Na
05. ReBORN - Keno Manush
06. Yaatri - Jonmechi Taai
07. Kral - Ek Janala Akasher Manchitro
08. Koprophillia - Chinno Ghuri
09. Hell Divers - Attohonon
10. Zeal - Proloy
11. Sentinals - Dushshopno
12. Rulz - Morichika
13. Kolpolok - Debi
14. Carsinoma - Shohomoron
15. Powersurge - Durboddho Monushotto
16. Kalponik - Shomoyer Epare
17. Moshpit - Hourglass



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Projonmo [Band Mixed Album]

Isha Khan Duray's 3rd Rock Compilation "Projonmo" was released in 2003. It was mainly Conceptualized by the Late Pop Guru Azam Khan. It was an equally revolutionary album just like its predecessors. It mainly focused upon the new generation and their duties towards the nation.

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Track list

01. Azam Khan - Projonmo
02. Aurthohin - Otit
03. Duray - Dhushor Chaya
04. Artcell - Shopner Chorus
05. Cryptic Fate - Odhikar
06. Black - Blues & Roud
07. Subconscious - Jhumka
08. Metal Maze - Raat Nemeche
09. Raja - Ondher Chokhe
10. Shomoy - Ekshoti Chithi
11. Srishti - Protikkha
12. Anything but Six - Opurbo

Din Bodol [Band Mixed Album]

Isha Khan Durey's 4th addition to his revolutionary Rock Compilation series emerged as Din Bodol. Featuring the exclusive line-up of ABC (Artcell, Black, Cryptic Fate) which would spawn a great trio in the future, this compilation made revitalization of the Underground music scene. This album featured 19 different bands.

[click on the images to view larger sizes]Track list

01. ABC (Artcell, Black, Cryptic Fate) - Ashirbaad
02. Metal Maze - Osthir Shomoy
03. Aashor - Shunno
04. Arbovirus - Obhishap
05. Fulbanu's Revenge - Tarpor
06. Nemesis - Dusshopno
07. Breach - Boshonto
08. Stentorian - Bhoy
09. Icons - Nishpaap Oporadh
10. Poizon Green - Ekhanei Mrittu
11. ReBORN - Shobkichu
12. Striking - Nishiddho Shonglap
13. Bivishika - Mohakaal
14. Music Zoo - Tritiyo Bishwa
15. Scarecrow - Dure Kothao
16. Vinyl N' Sugar - Obosheshey
17. Moshpit - Asroy
18. Helldivers - Jokhon
19. Bloodoria - Tarporeo Bangladesh